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it happened just hours ago. another u.s. embassy attacked in the middle east. how the u.s. military is responding to the growing crisis. >> reporter: we're live at the scene of an early-morning fire at a menlo park private school. we'll show you why this fire has been so difficult to fight. >> reporter: remembering and honoring a hero. we'll tell you you -- tell you about the funeral planned for
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chp officer kenyan youngstrom. and there have been eight crashes at one house. "mornings on 2" begins right now. well, good morning. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> it's thursday, september 13th. we're following developing news out of menlo park where poofs -- where firefighters are having a hard time bringing a fire at a school. lorraine blanco is live with more. >> reporter: tori, it looks like at this point, that they are getting a good handle on this fire. the fight is on the ground. there's a lot less smoke than when we just saw you about a half-hour ago. the main part of the fire was in the administrative building. two other fires are affect and
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look like classrooms. a passerby said he saw the fire. because of the structures out here, fighting it has been quite a challenge. >> there's portables, light weight constructionnd. we have a heavy need load inside -- constructiontion. we have a very -- construction. we have a heavy load inside. >> reporter: we're told about 170 students if here. of course, there was no one inside the fire because of when it happened, 3:50. you can see a little bit of white smoke coming out of trailers in the back of the school. it looks like the near is under control at this point. of course, as soon as we get
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more information we'll bring it to you. reporting live from men menlo park, lorraine blanky ktvu channel 2 news. we're following developing news where that country's president is now attacking on thing attack on the embassy. no one was hurt. they lit fires on the streets and burned the american flag. democrats are made over the american-made film. demonstrators are lighting fires in the street anding bocks atlies. >> face are pining -- are fighting back with warning attacks. this is what president obama told a spanish-speaking news station about the roo lag ship and the, dash and egypt.
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he says "i don't think we would consider the current egyptian government an ally but we don't consider them an enemy." the president went on to say the new government is a energy issue. u.s. navy worships are on the move. two navy destroyers are off the coast of libya because of a precautionary plesh measure. all of this toms -- precautionary -- all of this comes -- because of a
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precautionary measure. officials want to know if that attack was coordinated to mark the september 11th anniversary. there are fueling reports that the film made are making them angry. well, the attacks on the u.s. embassies and the consulate in libya could have a big effect on the elections. and mitt romney is being criticized for remarks he made shortly after the protest started the the -- protest started at the embassy. coming up for you at 7:15, what mitt romney is how saying about the attacks and how president obama is eroo -- is responding. a public memorial service will be held this morning for
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the chp officer killed in the line of duty last week in alamo. dignitaries will include governor jerry brun. claudine wong is live where hundreds of friends, family of officer kenyan youngstrom will be behind me. >> reporter: they do have some chairs set upout side. they expect 2500 people in the main auditorium. there is another overflow of another 1,000. they are planning for 5,000. as you can see, the highway patrol coming in they've been out here all morning getting things ready. i'm joined by diana mcdermott. we're certainly so very sorry for your louse. i know it's did ifing to be a difficult day with all of your
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others. >> through this whole week, the main focus has been providing the service for the our and ensuring that his family, his children and extended program and -- just know such -- family just know how much he meant to all of us. >> reporter: i know the family said they need the public to mourn and that's how they are having this funeral. can you tell me how this is gonna. >> well. -- >> well, somebody has been with him 24/7 until his death. that's our lock-standing policy that no one leave his side until he is buried.
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i think -- most important thing is just to gather in the appreciation of the loss of life, the service that the officers provide the people of california, and that it is a true memorial tribute to him and his family today. >> so many things being remembered. people talk about his feat and his family and -- faith and his family and his four children. >> what do you want people to know about this officer? >> i heard a story yesterday. they called in and spoke to the news. she remembered it after having a contact with him many years ago. she broke down on the side of the road, he came up behind her. ensured that she got assistance she needed, gave her transportation, followed her to the location she needed to get
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to. he just went above and beyond and that's the kind of man he was. >> thank you for joining us. again, the funeral starts at 10:00. we have a precession at 7:30 where the officer will be escorted here. certainly it will be a very difficult day. thousands and thousands of people expected to come here for this service that will last 90 minutes. claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. and ktvu's coverage of the funeral will start at 10:00 a.m. we will stream it live on and on our mobile and tablet app. sal is coming back. our commute is busy. what are you seeing? >> a lot of traffic. the precession will start at
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7:30. we'll monitor that to make sure you know where the traffic spots are getting busy as that preses continues. let's take a look at the commute here in san jose. northbound 280 traffic looks pretty good getting up to highway 880/17. livermore valley has been very slow this morning. we had an accident. not much of a crash. it's on the center divide. but the traffic damage is done. it's backed up from tracy all the way into the livermore valley. watch for traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza. >> well, let's go to steve. for some, it's foggy, cold, brandon in pacifica, he just tweeted me and said where is summer? it feels like center -- winter.
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>> very warm air aloft is capping that nothing. not only thick fog but misty and drizzly. you go inland and temperatures are mild. 61 in livermore. 47 in santa rosa. inland temperatures, they will warm up fast. 90s for some 80s for others. 50s an 60s. big change going on for us. high pressure going on, really unseasonably. high pressure will kind hang out in the west coast. but for us it doesn't look like any northeast or wind will develop. it will be warmer to hot inland today. 90s for some. mid-90s for some. novato and sonoma 84. 70, alameda.
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90 in pleasanton. it looks a little cooler for friday and saturday. >> thank you, steve. fanning the flames. what's happening to youtube in response to the amateur film that sparked all the middle east violence and why some actors in the film say they were duped. hey, hey! >> rahm emanuel has got to go! >> jesse jackson launching strong criticism.
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a lot of le crowds and fog out there. a lot of -- a lot of low clouds and fog out there.
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>> thank you, steve. 7:14, new this morning, firefighters say numerous calls about someone screaming for help at an alameda county park may have been a hoax. emergency responders said they received several calls around 9:00 last night about someone screaming for help in the park in the hills of union city. crews did not find anyone in disstros after being called in. san francisco police need your help. police say this man was last seen on broad street. he's described as 5 feet tall, about 140 pounds with black hair and brown eyes. anyone with information about where he's located is asked to call police immediately. 7:15. our coverage continues on the tension, the chaos in the middle east this morning following the deadly attacks in
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libya that killed four americans some this morning are asking if now is the time to play politics on this. >> now, republican candidate, mitt romney, immediately criticized president obama following the news of an attack on the u.s. embassy in egypt. here's more. >> reporter: dave, top lawmakers here in washington are criticizing mitt romney saying now is the time to mourn, not campaign. mitt romney says the -- the way the u.s. handled the attacks on several embassies showed weakness. this is the first time foreign policy has taken center stage in this presidential election. the obama campaign accused romney of launching a political attack. others say the focus should be on the loss of life.
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>> it's time to tune down the romney rhetoric and think about the family of this wonderful man who gave excellent service to our country. >> i think we need to keep the election separate from the possible implications of -- of what goes to supreme court and how to protect our citizen es. >> reporter: the president has vowed justice. back to you. well, the afghan government is banning the use ithe use of youtube hoping it will quiet some of the protests. the ministry of administration shut down this. hamid karzai blasted the controversial movie that reportedly calls the muhammed prophet a religious fake. now, youtube says the trailer to the movie calls within its guide lines and it will stay on
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the website been but it restricted access to anyone in -- to anyone in libya and egypt. >> one of the actresses featured in the movie is cindy lee garcia. she claims she was lied to about the movie. >> there was never any mention of muhammed or -- or -- or muslims or anything like that in the film. i was just playing the role of a mother. i have the actual script. >> the filmmaker at first identified himself as an american israeli. however, according to the "associated press." , she's a coptic christian.
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the reverend jesse jackson says negotiators in the chicago teachers' strike do not have the same sense of urgency as the protesters. >> hey, hey! >> mall emanuel has got to did! >> the strike enters its fourth -- >> rahm emanuel has got to go! >> the strike enters its fourth day today. this dispute is forcing about 350,000 public school student to stay home. a new york man is suing hooters' restaurant accusing employees of printing an ethic
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slur on his receipt. the korean immigrant who just became a u.s. citizen said he was so offended, he went home, threw out the food and hired an attorney. he claims a 20-year-old hostess was later questions and confessed to typing this on the receipt. hooters says it should not be dragged into court. the lawsuit seeks more than $150,000 in damage. pay cut of 2% to 5% means this college won't have to lay off employees. 70 jobs will be eliminated through attrition. and 650 classes this semester, they will be cut. the pay cuts are expected to save the school about $600 million a year. you can sign up for one of
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the free 16 courses online, including a crash course in creativity. those courses will feature video lectures, and projects. and the new ktvu ipad app is ready to downtown. you can watch all off your -- all of our newscasts for free. a traffic study is being down to help shuttles and muni share the road. the shuttles use muni systems to pick up and drop off workers in san francisco. the shut us stay in the zones for about a minute during that stop. that can put muni vehicles behind schedule. the. a man accused of raining a
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missing san jose girl and holding her against her will is scheduled to enter a plea today. merced pacheco was arrested back in may after being dropped by fare inspectors on a light rail train for mott having a. the 16-year-old sashed -- said she was being held against her will and that he abused her. 7:22. guess who is has a lot of extra money? >> who? >> b.a.r.t. does. how much money and what b.a.r.t. plans to do with it.
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according to the contra costa times, gap is looking for offices in pleasanton and the company is committed to its presence in san francisco but is running out of office space. the move could initially involve 200 to 300 employees. well, guess who has a lot of extra money to spend? b.a.r.t. does. now we know how they are gonna spend it. >> people will notice waterproofing and concourse improvement to powell street, some flooring improves on the train cars. hitting -- heating ventilation improvements. >> a lot of the money is coming from the big increase in b.a.r.t. ridership this year. speaking of the commute, how are people getting around this thursday morning, sal? >> they are doing pretty well. i just found out about some air delays at the san francisco
7:26 am
airport. 45-minute deheys at the san francisco airport -- delays at the san francisco airport expected because of the overcast weather. this is highway 24 westbound. it looks pretty good. it's a little bit slow as you would expect. there are no major problems along this stretch. you can see traffic is gonna be busy in this area -- in this area. this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. that's a big delay it's backed up for maybe even more as you try to make your way to the city. >> for some there is a lot of fog and for others inland it will be -- it will be busy and warm fast. the warm is right there. you can see it's smashed. that's a sure sign that warm
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air aloft. so the fog was around 2,000 feet yesterday. high clouds are streaming in. anywhere from 47 to 61. 61 in livermore an -- and also mountain view. it will be cool by the coast. a few high clouds, otherwise warmer inland. i heard from june in middle mendocino. i don't see too much change. i think we start to lean into a cooler pattern that that -- that will carry into sunday and monday. back to you. okay. what's happening right now with battle ships after another embassy was attacked this morning and protests continue in egypt. >> reporter: we're live in
7:28 am
from montwhere a man says he plans to fight the city on doing something to his back yard.
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-what's up? i'm chris. -and i'm erik. both: we're the fruit guys! back in 1998, we had this idea to deliver fresh fruit to offices in downtown san francisco. we built these wooden crates, filled these with fruit in my one-bedroom apartment. the fruit guys has been with bank of america since they first started. we work with them to help them grow and succeed. we're coming up on 50 employees and delivering to thousands of companies every week. i would definitely say this is a fruitful business.
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swavory.what's that? swavory? use it in a sentence. uh, my new waffle breakfast sandwich is "swavory." it's got the savory goodness of my new country grilled sausage, plus a fried egg and melting cheese, and the sweetness of toasted maple waffles. so, triple word score...that's 96 points for me. "nonookie?" what's that supposed to... oh. right now, get a large fountain drink for only a buck. it is 7:30. we continue to follow developing news. the growing violence and tensions in the middle east.
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pam cook is in the newsroom with what happened overnight and the action being taken this morning. pam? >> well, this morning was there another attack at a u.s. embassy. this time in yemen. secretary of state, hillary clinton, is speaking right now at an international conference in washington, d.c. but before she started the meeting, she started with comments about the unrest in the middle east. we've been listening to what she's saying. she says our leaders are watching closely and hope steps will be taken to stop the violence. she also specifically talked about the film that's said to be at the heart of the protests. >> -- the united states government had absolutely nothing to do with this -- the united states had absolutely nog to do with this video. we absolutely reject its
7:32 am
content and message. en. >> she's talking about an american-made film that's criticized anti-islam. it's said to have fueled the protest in yemen. that same attack is blowing blamed on the attacks where -- where chris stevens was killed. >> right now in egypt, people are lighting fires -- in the streets of cairo. they've beenly toking rocks -- they've been throwing rocks, all over that same fame. this morning, egyptian president mohammed percy has stopped the -- muhammed morsi
7:33 am
has stopped this. the u.s. says it is taking all necessary precautions. now, coming up in our next hour of "mornings on 2," i'm gonna have more on the filmmaker who is apparently behind all of this in the middle east. back to dave and tori. hamid karzai is canceling his trip to norway due to all of the protests in the middle east. there are reports that he decided to stay home because of the serious events in some arab countries. a sad tribute was held last night right here in the bay area for ambassador chris stevens killed in libya. a vigil was held at uc berkeley pep was honored by members of
7:34 am
had is fraternity. after graduate -- members ofly -- members of the fraternity. we were able to speak to one of his professor. >> he was there, you knee he was there, he wasn't the type of person that you felt he was arrogant. his mother is flying to washington, d.c. to wait for the body of her son to come home. we have exclusive video of a crash in the backyard of a home in from mont. the liver, like many drivers boulevard -- before him, lost control on the boulevard and smashed through the fence. tara moriarty is live there to tell us the problem. good morning, tara. >> reporter: well, good morning. an accident waiting to happen. this is what a lot of neighbors
7:35 am
will saying -- are saying. you can see where this happened. police say he lost control around 10:00 last night, striking a light pole, a tree and smashing in a fence. if the tree landed on top of the car and it took crews 25 minutes to safety. the homeowners say it's bound to happen again. >> they still haven't done anything about it. people lose control behind the curb here. it's dangerous. i have a pool here. people can drown. >> reporter: the homeowner says he's asked the city to put in a guard rail but he refuses. they say they don't have the money. goheen said he was told he needed to pay for it. the driver was transported to
7:36 am
the hospital with signature injuries. crous that we talk to on the scene would not say almost -- would not say whether alcohol or drugs played a part in this. around midnight, shots were fired near carlson and ohio. a body was later found on 17th street. the homicide investigators think the body was found in the front yard of a house on 17th was that of a man who actually drove away in that carjacking check at system -- charleson and ohio. a female student said she was walking around man zoe nita film when she was groped from behind. the school is calling this a sexual battery. a latino man in his 20s or 30s,
7:37 am
weighing between 180 an reportedly has long black fire, wearing a if if -- a thick -- a thick black complain. happening right now, a national member service for the first man on the moon. we're live in washington watching -- we're in the middle of the service route now. at the national you can see sa single there as we are listening mp -- see a single there as we are listening to
7:38 am
this music. 7:38. that leads us right to you,
7:39 am
sal. have you fixed things at the toll plaza and everything else. >> well, i haven't fixed things but i have some good news, b.a.r.t. is no longer delayed. we were talking about b.a.r.t. there. dave was allowing to the slow traffic. very smart coming out of bay point. it's pretty much one some id line of slow traffic from antioch to highway 4. it's been pretty slow the whole time. there were no major problems on highway 4 at the moment. had a -- this a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. it's backed up for about a 20- minute wait. we're looking at the traffic on the nimitz freeway. we m an accident -- we had an earlier accident. the traffic is also slow from 2 0 up to sunnyvale -- from 280
7:40 am
to sunnyvale. let's go to steve. what's the deal on the coast? talk about a stubborn fog bank and it's not going anywhere either. a few my clouds might take the edge off. keep an eye on that. but 47 santa rosa, what? yeah. -- that's at moffet. p ail of equals warmer temperatures. if the ap -- if the pattern is like it is has been, in the east will get the most dramatic events. 50 the hoey have been blowing up by the sierra but -- the
7:41 am
snow -- the sonoma has been blowing up by the sierra area. there is a big pattern change. just not so much for us but a really strong system will dig into the northern part of the -- the middle of the country. the next day for us. it will be -- i think the temperatures will be around seasonal norms. the biggest jump will be in the east payle 9 . if if. one -- east bay. one country has just imposed a tack of 75% on the
7:42 am
wealthiest residents. what the richest person plans to do.
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7:44 am
u.s. stocks are higher. the fed wrapped up -- wraps up its policy meeting around 2:00. they are also worried about the turmoil going on in the middle east. the nasdaq is up 17, the nasdaq is up 1. the s&p is up .5. 3 2,000 people applied for -- 382,000 people applied for
7:45 am
unemployment benefits. the main jump in this is due to hurricane isaac which disrupted work in nine states. a government report shows a growing number of americans are not using banks. nearly 10 million households do not have a bank account. that's up about a million from 2009. the survey finds that consumers are relying on prepaid cards, check cashing services and pawnshops. 7:45, well, times may get tougher on the rich. the french president ising -- is raising taxes on knows making more than 1.25 million a year. >> the plan is too have these this raid -- this ra -- this
7:46 am
raid in in washington. the bill is expected to pass and avert a frost shut down. the senate is expected to pass the bill next week. 7:45. happening now, neil armstrong's life is being celebrated at the national cathedral in washington, d.c. rene marsh is live with more on the. >> temperaturing, tori. this memorial is underway as we po. he know it's a i have p house inside -- as we move forward. we -- the memorial service started off with bagpipes and now we're hearing from people
7:47 am
who knew neil armstrong personally. we heard from the last man to walk on the moon. if he said it was never about him, it was always about 18 efforts. the eagle has landed. >> armstrong's family called him a reluctant hero who supplied away he tie at last -- last month at the age of 82 after copplications from. p surnry. >> col lips blasted off in apollo 11 on a four-year temperature system sign of leap
7:48 am
for manhand f.m.p if mead -- on a four-year mission. just a shoate note for you inside the -- note for you, inside the cathedral there, the piece of moonrock is still there. they've put it in one of the same glasses. so if you if inside this theater that knee amp tom and his fellow astronauts prepped to him. >> we were toe to low pressure
7:49 am
. -- that -- so if you go inside this theater, that's what you will see. here's the motorcade. they are going from st. helena to vacaville. the chp ha stored a -- thep. well, would also have some new details about the plan who killed officer young strom. the contra costa times it rot had just sta a up -- for a software engineer for a company in mountain view.
7:50 am
that morning this morning, a san francisco firefighter is receiving the medal of valor. he carried them out of their burning home. governor jerry brown is presenting the medal. the fiance of a chilean man shot to death in burkry knee tis help trying to find someone.
7:51 am
-- in burkly. he was trying to help find someone. >> i cannot accept this. >> there's a $20,000 row it dash warn who -- there is a $20,000 reward. call police if you see him. but you dumb -- but you -- but you can remain anonymous. nine minutes before 8:00. the iphone 5, pretty cool knew features. one of them not sitting well with customers.
7:52 am
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7:54 am
excitement over a lighter, larger iphone comes with the realization that this upgrade is not cheap. with the iphone 5 longer battery life and new mapping system is a new connector that makes current accessories obsolete. >> it's frustrating that you get the newest thing and a few months later it's passe. >> the iphone 5 is available next friday starting at $200 with a two-year contract. apple updated in -- introduced upgrades to the nano, which is
7:55 am
smaller, has blue tooth and wide-screen video. starting saturday, shopping online, internet-only stores will start charging sales tax for california residents. the rate you pay will depend on the shipping address you list for the items. the statewide average is .25%. some heavy shoppers could see their bills climb by hundreds of dollars a year. >> i know one of shoppers, tori. >> yes. a rare prehistoric discovery in san francisco, they were, working on the transbay terminal. they noticed unusual material and dug up a tooth. now scientists say the animal lived in the area about 11,000
7:56 am
year'. >> that's a stroke of luck. >> i'll say. those pieces were down about 110 feet below the street. now the workers are being asked to keep an eye out for more remains of the the fossils will -- remains. the fossils will be donated. among new ideas, hiding meat so tigers can track it down at the zoo. and also bringing in dirt for ant eaters who like to dig. 7:56. we want to check in with sal. see what's happening on the roads. what's happening on 880, sal? >> all right. we're seeing slow traffic 880 northbound and southbound, especially northbound, you can kind of see it through the fog.
7:57 am
you will see slow traffic all the way to downtown. we're looking at the toll plaza. if you are driving in san jose, the slowest traffic there is on 101 but 85 is slow from 87 to cupertino. >> well, we have if -- well, we have thick fog in spots. patrick says a little bit of sun. there is a lot of slow clouds out there. some areas are already in the sun and warm with 60-degree temperatures. a pretty good ban taking aim at the north bay. it's already 63 in livermore. santa rosa made it to 47. yet some locations are really warm. there's hardly any delta breeze. except for the -- except for the high clouds, it will be sunny to mostly sunny.
7:58 am
7:57. another attack we've been talking about it. another attack on the american embassy in the middle east and protests are continuing in egypt. all of the rising tensions about a controversial movie. the precession bringing fallen officer kenyan young strom is on -- kenyan youngstrom is on the way. parents and student students are just arriving at beechwood school in menlo park, where an early-morning fire gutted one of those their -- one of their buildings. we'll have the latest information and talk with the principal when "mornings on 2" continues. [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso. your soups are so awesomely delicious my husband and i can't stop eating 'em! what's...that... on your head? can curlers! we got a lotta empty cans. tomato basil, potato with bacon, 80 different kinds...
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welcome back. mornings on 2, i am tori campbell. >> i am dave clark. it is thursday, september 13th. we are developing breaking news. firefighters are making progress controlling the big early morning fire at a school. ktvu's elaine blanco is at the school. how are things now lorraine.
8:01 am
>> reporter: the fire is uncontrol. i spoke to the principal. he said he is heartbroken. they he lost the administration offices as well as third grade classroom. firefighters are on scene and they are standing by for hot spots and the fire is under control. fire cruise arrive on scene here on terminal avenue before 4:00 a.m. and they found a fully involved fire. because of a light weight construction of the portables in the back of the billing, it was difficult to fight. they had to move from the inside to the outside. and fight it defensively. that's when the roof collapsed. there were no injuries and it took a solid three hours to put the fire out. he said they felt sorry for the third graders who lost their classroom and he is not sure how and when they can rebuild. >> we are on a tight budget. we do the most of getting the most out of what we have. it is a small part of our operating cost is tuition. it is going to be tough to
8:02 am
figure out where to pull the money from. you know, you make your budget for the year. and it doesn't include replacing a building. the school's other four portables are intact. school is closed for today and tomorrow. they are calling families of the 170 students for the last few hours here. even with all the problems they are facing. they hope to reopen school on monday, back out here, you can see there is still smoke hovering over the neighborhood in menlo park and the good news is, the fire is under control and there are no injuries. lorraine blanco, channel 2 news. the american embassy in yemen was attacked by the protestors much and the president of yemen now apologizing to president obama for this. they stormed the grounds early this morning. they snatched down the sign
8:03 am
from outside the building and they burned the american flag there as well. security guards were firing the weapons into the air trying to turn back the protests. again, the president of yemen is saying no one was seriously injured in the early morning attack. >> they were protesting in cairo, egypt in the embassy there. fires were set and rocks were thrown at the police. security forces responded with warning shots and tear gas. all of this as it comes two days after protestors tore down the flag. demonstrations are being fueled by anger over a controversial movie that they say attacked the islamic religion. >> this is what president obama told a span irv speaking news station about the relationship between united states and egypt. he said we wouldn't consider
8:04 am
the current egyptian government an ally but we don't consider them an enemy. the president went on to say the new egyptian government is a work in progress and there could be a real big problem if it refuses to address u.s. security concerns. egypt shop president said his country is committed to ensure the safety of americans in egypt and would not permit violence against u.s. embassies. destroyers are being positioned off the coast of libya. this is a precautionary measure. it follows tuesday night's attack that killed the ambassador christopher stevens and three members of his staff. their bodies are now in germany before coming home to the u.s. >> the attack is being investigated for a connection to the september 11th anniversary
8:05 am
and it may have been a planned attack. there were original reports it had grown over a he protest over the movie that is causing all the chaos in egypt and yemen. it was made here in the u.s. and said to be anti-muslim. president obama said he will work to find out who is responsible. and said justice will be done. the attacks are taking center stage on the campaign trail. mitt romney is taking heat for saying this. >> the administration was wrong to stand by a statement sympathizing with those who had breached our embassy in egypt instead of condemning their actions. >> coming up at 8:15. more from washington d.c. and how each candidate is now handling the situation. >> all right. torii. >> a few -- all right. torre. >> this is -- tori.
8:06 am
>> this is for kenyon youngstrom, this is to the vacaville mission church. claudine wong is there now. the public memorial is getting ready to start what is happening now, claudine >> reporter: things are getting busier. you can see behind me you have police officers and firefighters and they are not just with the highway patrol. we have seen the fire trucks from the san ramon valley district and across the state and the across the country to be here today. this is a program that everyone coming here today will get. the front says gone but not forgotten. inside, it talks about officer kenyon youngstrom and his life was cut far are too short when he was killed in the line of duty. he was one of trip lets. he had seven siblings and met his wife karen of 17 years in
8:07 am
college. he talked of how he loved spending time with his four children. he had deep faith and joining chp fulfilled his dream of becoming a police officer. in the last half hour, the procession with the casket left to come here. it as hour long drive. the chp is with him and in fact, never left his side. there is an officer with him since he was shot on the side of the road. they will stay by his side today as thousands of other law enforcement agencies, officers and this community comes together for the final farewell. >> they have prepared for 5,000 people. 2500 will sit. and 700 more will sit outside and go into an overflow room and others will stand for the 90 minute service. they understand the public's need to honor the officer and mourn. >> the main focus has been providing that focus for the
8:08 am
officer. ensuring that, how much he meant to all of us. >> reporter: now out in front of the mission church, a sign reads god bless chp officer kenyon youngstrom, if you take a live look back at the activity in the vacaville church, can you see the parking lot beginning to fill you up with the officers arriving. again financial around the state and the country. the funeral begins at 10. it will last 90 minutes, the governor is expected to be here and officer youngstrom's pastor is among the speakers. >> claudine wong. the coverage will begin at 10:00 a.m. we will stream it live on the channel 2 website and also on the mobile and tablet apps. 8:08. we have new information about a double stabbing near downtown
8:09 am
san jose. they rushed to # and julian streets around 20:00 this morning. they found two young people stabbed, ages 20 and 21. the first victim had six stab wounds and they were taken to the hospital. their conditions have not been released. they are now looking for a motive behind the attacks. >> three people have been injured in two separate shootings and they happened last night. the first happened on 98th avenue in east oakland shortly before 9:00. two people were shot in the leg. the other happened 40 minutes later. >> they were wounded near 32nd and magnolia street. all three victims are in stable condition and so far, no arrests. >> time now is 8:09. they are going to spend some money on a study that could lead to a new bicycle and pedestrian path on the west span of the bay bridge. >> right now. it is on the east side of the
8:10 am
new bay bridge. which for bikers is a predicament if they want to continue into san francisco. they vetted. they will spend up to $300,000 more to finish a study about building the west span bridge bike path making it an official project for their funding. >> different way of getting between san francisco and oakland. we will check in with sal and see how the traffic is moving for the cars going across the bay bridge. >> it is slow, tori, and dave. those meter iting lots are on. it is tough getting into the city. if you are at the end of the line before you make it onto the bridge. >> the commute is moderately heavy. and we will let steve talk about that. and the cloud cover has not effected flights at the airport but at if. and there will be -- at sfo and
8:11 am
average time there. morning commute is busy on the nimitz freeway. and there was an early crash at industrial. we told you about it. it is gone. >> across the bay. 101 and nine # is slow as well. northbound 280 in daly city, there is an injury crash there. and northbound out of daly city and into the city, it is once again having a bad day. yesterday we had one. and today is another bad day there. we will go to steve. >> very good morning. >> higher clouds coming in. and some of the fog has really been compressed out. >> they are looking for 90s and too much fog. and what is that right there. that is going to take the edge off some of the temps there. and inland, it will not matter too much. warm air and temperatures starting off in the 60s.
8:12 am
thick fog and misty conditions by the coast there. where is the summer? i don't see it. too much fog out there. >> san jose is in the 60s. mountain view. concord is is by now. fairfield, 62. we had some low 40s and 50s. west at firfield, that won't do it -- fairfield. and the temperature is 62, 63. it is going to be warm and hot away from the coast and by the coast. 50s. 60s. high pressure is building. up by seattle and vancouver. >> it is going to drive an unseasonbly cool system and stretches all the way down to texas and move into the great lakes and if you have travel plans. it is very fall-like ale and for us, it looks like warmer inland temps and not the coast. it is not happening and so higher clouds coming in. and it is warm are inland.
8:13 am
few locations will pop the low to mid-90s and stay in the 80s. it will take the edge off by the north temps and 94 to antioch. and also from morgan hill and san jose is 81. low clouds made it to san jose. much of the peninsula. today. and 60s on the coast. looks about the same on friday. cooling trend starts saturday and it gets flattened. and cooler weather moves? >> -- mos m. >> there is a new video of an american held hostage by al-qaida. we have seen it. we will show you who it is. >> tracking crime in hayward. little late... um, but i uh...
8:14 am
8:15 am
8:16 am
. it is going to be mostly sunny. high clouds coming in and the fall off is soon. 60s and 70s today. foreign policy has suddenly taken center stage in the presidential election. both candidate are taking very different stances now on how to handle the situation that is boil ng the middle east. ktvu reporter is live in the d.c. bureau with how each campaign will push its agenda. good morning >> reporter: well up until now, the economy was the focus. now the attack on the embassies is shifting to foreign policies. neither candidate is holding
8:17 am
back. mitt romney says the obama administration showed weakness in the attack that killed christopher stevens and the democrats said the republican didn't have his facts right. violence in the middle east could remain front and center. >> they under score that the world is a dangerous place and that american leadership is still sorely needed. >> we will not waiver in our commitment to see that justice is done. make no mistake, justice will be done. >> reporter: president obama is campaigning today before coming back to washington. mitt romney will be speaking in a campaign event in virginia. ktvu, channel 2 news. it is 8:17. the afghan government is banning the use of you tube in afghanistan. hoping it will quiet protests. they shut down the website to
8:18 am
everyone in afghanistan. afghan president p blasted the film that called mohammed a religious fake. it falls within the guadalupes and will stay on the website. but it has reticketed access to anyone in libya. and egypt. we are learning more about the southern california man who made the movie that is causing the chaos. in the past hour, a law enforcement official confirmed that he is a 55-year-old man who has an address in the los angeles area. one of the actresses in the film is also speaking out this morning. she claims the filmmaker lied to her and that the inflammatory language was dubbed in after the filming. >> never mention of mohammed. and muslims or anything like that in the film. i was just playing the role of a mother. i have the actual script. >> actors say the filmmaker
8:19 am
identified himself as an american eyes really but according to the associated press. he is a christian who sympathized with the treatment of christians in foreign countries. he was convicted on federal bank charges two years ago. time now is 9:18. there is a this in hayward to see where crimes have happened in the neighborhood. they say the website is updated 24 hours after a police report is filed. the stats go back six months. they can get daily alert -- alerts. >> it is 15 crimes and including six car thefts, two burglaries. two robberies and an assault. >> 8:19. the superior court up held an ordinance to ban plastic bags at the city's retail stores. testimony clears the way to
8:20 am
begin enforcing the ban on october 1st and allows businesses to charge customers 10 cents for each bag or compostable bag they provide. breaking news. the health board pass add historic ban on supervised soda drinks. new law prohibits the law of sugary drinks larger than 16 ounces. applies to movie theaters. and other public venues. it does not apply to supermarkets. >> bench industry groups had previously said they will sue if the ban is approved. >> time is 8:20. a recall by whole foods. it is for the brand of la cota cheese. >> now th -lakota cheese. >> it is distributed between june 20th. and august 9th. >> one death is connected to the outbreak. >> 14 people have become ill
8:21 am
including one person right here in california. >> it is 8:20. his body is found bound and goinged and what is happening today with the man accused of killing a san francisco hairstylist. >> good morning, it is slow on 237. you can see the traffic here is getting slow. coming up. we will tell you more about the morning commute where you live. [ female announcer ] every day, there's a new reason not to make a home-cooked meal.
8:22 am
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8:24 am
. a hearing is scheduled today for a man who killed a hairstylist. he is being held in the killing of eric estalon, they were seen leaving a bar together. his body was later found bound and gagged in his apartment heights and his home was burglarized. >> sal is back. how is the toll plaza doing? >> it is slow and it is pretty slow. all the way out to the main. i want to show it to you again in case you are trying to get there. >> we have seen some improvement. and it is improved a little bit. still backed up for 20 minutes. this morning we are looking at 880 northbound. not as bad as it has been. no problem getting to the lake shore curve. >> 280 at 19th avenue. clearing a crash there. 280 out of daly city.
8:25 am
and 19th avenue. 8:24. we will go to steve. >> thank you, sir. we have fog on the coast and some around the bay and shows signs of burning off and most of it is looking like it wants to visit the north bay. that may prevent temperatures from warming there. >> it is a solid deck and already some low 60s. fairfield, san jose and even though it is cloudy, it is burning off. and it is plenty out there. and going to burn off fast and stay by the coast and not much of a delta breeze and temps in the 60s. it looks like a warm day. however, the system is moving in and north of that, it will flatten the ridge of high pressure and this is a warm up for two days and maybe even saturday. it starts a downward trend. and today though, if you by the coast or bay, and it is a lot of high clouds after the fog burns off.
8:26 am
cooler. time now is 85:00. several new developments for the crisis in the middle east. we will talk live to the reporter on the ground in the latest target of the united states. a homeowner is fighting the city in the wake of a car accident in his very own backyard. what he hopes to accomplish. >> a new strategy for the missing teenager sierra lamar. look ! no ugly spots ! awesome! incredible shine. i'm switching for good. love, love, love finish! over a million people have switched to finish. try finish free. visit us on facebook. (car horn) paying with your smartphone instead of cash... (phone rings)
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8:28 am
. time now is 8:28. there was yet another attack. this time in yemen. protestors are still on the streets of egypt. pack cook is following
8:29 am
all -- pam cook is following all of this. strong words from the secretary of state what did she say? >> she is at an international conference in washington d.c. and started the meeting with comments about what is going on in the middle east. she said our leaders are closely watching what is happening in libya, egypt and yemen and hopes steps will be p taken to stop the violence. she talked about the film that is said to be at the heart of the protest. >> the you state government had absolutely nothing to do with this video: we absolutely reject its content. and message. america's commitment to religious tolerance goes back to the very beginning of our nation. >> she is talking about a film that protestors say mock the muslim faith and prophet muhammed.
8:30 am
you are watching there, about 100 protestors that stormed the embassy in yemen. they were said to be screaming death to america. so far security forces are firing tear gas and live a.m. in addition in the air to control the cloud. it is unclear if any u.s. diplomats are inside the building or if they have bullpen evacuated. now, the movie. innocence of muslims is also said to have sparked the violence in egypt after the trailer was dubbed into arabic and posted on you tube. you tube has since blocked access to it. i want to take you to cairo live. where you see an active scene. hundreds of protestors still on the streets of cairo, egypt. they have been lighting fires and throwing rocks at police officers and now they are throwing homemade explosives as well. the investigation also continues into the violence at the libyan embassy where an
8:31 am
attack on the consulate killed chris stevens. and three others. the attackers quote, may have had foreign loyalties. a reference to an international terrorist more so than blaming it on the film we have been talking about. coming up in a few moments. we will hear from a reporter in tripoli. marines have been sent there. and we will continue our coverage. reporting live in the newsroom. i am pam cook. >> we will go back to tori and dave. christopher stevens is from right here in the bay area. he was remembered by his fraternity brothers. candles were lit who graduated from berkeley. yesterday, we talked to a u.s. diplomat in residence at uc
8:32 am
berkeley. he met with bam bass door stevens before he left. >> there were four that lost their lives. >> that is a big loss to us. >> we are a small organization. >> only 16,000 american diplomats. so a loss of four is a big loss for us. >> now, ambassador stevens' mother said she is preparing to fly to d.c. to wait for the return of her son's body. >> we will talk live with the reporter on the ground in libya today. about the investigation into the killing of ambassador stevens. >> back here at home. crews are busy in fremont right now. they are cleaning up where a driver lost control of a car and crashed into someone's backyard. it happened near a curve in the road. the driver smashed right through a fence and the owner of the house said this has happened many times before. >> tara moriarty is back now.
8:33 am
can you she show us some of the damage. >> they arrived to show the tree limbs and you can see where it smashed into the against, into the backyard and neighbors say it happens all too often. it is this street, where the road curves and people speed. >> fremont police say they lost control of the car and striking a light poll for the tree. and it is in the backyard leaking debris and oil know the pool. >> it took 25 minutes to pull the victim from safety thank you. >> the homeowner said it is bound to happen again. because it happened eight times since he lived there. >> the car came through my backyard again and through the fence. and he won't put up any guardrail at all. >> i talked to them last summer. >> they haven't done anything about it. >> now, the homeowner said that
8:34 am
fremont doesn't have the money new. they say p the city said he needs to pay for it. >> the driver is transported to the hospital with significant injuries. >> crews on scene did not say if drugs or alcohol played a role ile accident. >> we are live in free month. ktvu, channel 2 news. a man from walnut creek suspected of crashing his pickup truck is free. at least for now. >> thktvu was the only news crew on hand. and it is right there. released last night. he didn't say anything. wouldn't comment and he covered up his face. >> police released him and he is still investigating the horrible crash last weekend. no charges are been filed. >> a santa barbara woman was killed while standing with the her family on the sidewalk.
8:35 am
>> her daughter is still in the hospital in critical condition. a big tree has fallen down. it closed both directions of state highway # four. the 40-foot tall tree is blocking the highway at why worry lane in woodside since about 11:00 last night. if you are driving out there. try to avoid the area. >> it is 8:34. there is a change in strategy. nearly six months after her disappearance. they will no longer hold organize searches for the teenager on wednesdays. >> however, the regular searches on saturday in the morgan hill area will now expand. lamar disappeared on march 16th. >> alexander torres is charged in the kidnap and murder. if you are flying in and out of the airport for the next three weekends, expect some delays.
8:36 am
>> one of the two runways will be closed for safety improvement. it could mean up to an hour. >> it starts tomorrow night and last through 8:00 a.m. monday. >> this will complete the next two weekend. >> this is for fog. and low cloud. which happens a lot. >> we check in new for an update on traffic. >> we do have delays after hour today. >> expected on average because of the cloud cover. >> in just a moment. >> we will go outside and look at some of the pictures. >> highway four, for this late hour and the commute. still some traffic here. coverage aming over to the of willow grade and 680 is slow as you drive through the area as well. from pleasant hill. and down the creek in alamo. >> toll plaza is improving. highwayward is a mess. >> that traffic is slow.
8:37 am
from 238 all the way down to union city. >> and they look okay. >> we will get to steve. >> that is two or 300 feet. >> that is down on the decks. no wonder they are having issues theren a high pressure is right on top of it. >> there is a ban of higher clouds. and some of these. are from shovel, oakland north. >> dealing with partally cloudy. and if you don't have fog. most locations will warm up. warmer inland temps. hardly sea breeze at all. >> warmer for two days. and already some 60. >> they are six, seven, degrees warmer. en and made it to 47. >> you can feel low cloud deck out there. it is less than 10. and northwest. sfo 12.
8:38 am
little component there. >> it won't matter. it is 90s to 100 degrees and 50s and 60s right by the coast. >> it is building north of us. and flatten the ridge of high pressure on saturday. it is also carving out a deep system and you see the leaning edge of that. >> that is a taste of fall for many. >> just not here. >> warmer inland temps and especially out towards the east bon bay. >> it is the entire summer. today is no exceptions. and others won't move. and 60s. to 90s. >> it is fairfield and concord. pleasant hill. bendwood and nice around berkeley. allah media. and 70s -- allah media. and 70s there. and redwood shores.
8:39 am
low to mid-70s. upper 70s. near palo alto and looks like fog will be increasing as we head towards saturday. it is 8:38. u.s. is positioning warships off the coast of the middle east. >> reporter is live in tripoli with an update on the situation there. is it still quite tense? >> reporter: well, tori, in the capital of tripoli, it is calm and we are hearing in the city of again ghazi, the situation is -- again ghazi, it is calmer -- benghazi. and before admissions here. and around key government installations. security building. we have seen an uncrease in security there.
8:40 am
and a lot of concern that there might be more attacks carried out by the militant groups. whether this attack was preplanned to happen on third baseman or was it just a protest over the amateur video that got out of hand. when the news broke, we were speaking to witnesses in benghazi and it was a protest that became violent. it is getting clearer and clearer. and we are hearing the same thing here in libya from government officials that this is most likely a preplanned attack carried out by islamic extremist groups. they may have used the protest as a diversion or a cover up for their actual plans to attack the consulate yesterday from the libyan speaker of
8:41 am
parliament. addressing the world. saying they will not allow libya to be used by the militant groups to carry out what he calls revenge attacks and that they did occur and coincide with the anniversary of september 1 1-rd and hinted that it was carried out by islamic extremists. >> what is the reaction of the people of libya that took four lives including ambassador stevens. and he group up in the san francisco bay area. and well liked. so many people had so many things to say about him. >> what are they saying about the deadly attack. >> reporter: everyone is in shock. most libyans here and in benghazi say they are disgraced by the attacks. it does not represent the libyan people and reflect the sentiments they have for the
8:42 am
you statutes. many people here liked ambassador stevens and they were changing their profile and posting pictures of ambassador stevens. they are in shock and saying they are very grateful for what the united states did for them last year. and providing them with the military assistance to overthrow the regime of moment march gadhafi and -- moammar gadhafi. and they need to be dealt with firmly by the government. >> i would assume they support president obama's call for justice? >> reporter: well, this is what we are hearing from the officials here. they are sawing to bring those responsible, for the attacks to justice. but we have seen attacks in the past, tori on different
8:43 am
interests. and suspected islamic extremists. some of them claim responsibility for the attacks. including one. back in june. >> when it ex pled out of the against. >> and we have not seen the perpetrators. >> all right. joining us live by tripoli this morning. >> thank you so much for the insight. all right. tori, time now is 8:43. apple unveiled the new iphone. you how is the this morning. >> stay tuned. we will tell but in a possible break. >> the announcement ahead had within the one hour. >> a sad farewell to a slain police officer. we will take you to the public
8:44 am
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8:47 am
>> the dow is up 27. the nasdaq is up six. >> s&p is up two. >> with apple's big announcement. their stock is soaring. apple stock is up. just over $8 right now. and suns the market closed last night. that's what it is up to now. >> closing to # $55.89 today. >> yesterday, it produced strong earnings for the apples earning report. >> at the end of the month. >> one jew to mother. intervene on my behalf. >> this is the media group. >> seven other yield p asked you see a.m.
8:48 am
to help. >> he was an e. s laid. >> and killed month ago ago. we are following this for you right now. more tension in the middle east as the embassy is attacked in yemen and all of this is following the deadly attack. >> and the bam bass door. >> now, these, are by a controversial movie. they are investigating a big fire at menlo park. >> this started just before 4:00 a.m. on terminal avenue. >> it took several hours for the firefighters to get this all under control. >> they serve pred through the eighth grade. and bring a live report from that scene in 10 minutes.
8:49 am
>> every seat will be filled in an hour from right now. > >> that is a fallen chb fer. >> and as the law enforcement community comes together. >> cloud deny? >> they are coming by the thousands, the question is never will they come. and can you find room to sit and you can see things. are getting and it starts at 10 this morning. >> we will show you the video we took within the last 45 minutes. the images are enduring. >> you have the san ramon valley district here. this is the entrance to the mission church. and when the procession arrived
8:50 am
with his we had. they will go underneath of the flag. >> they are expecting 5,000 people. and in the many auditorium. >> he is in a motorcade procession right now. >> we will show you what we took this morning. they escorted hum in a drive from here to can dr. >> and in valet yo. and today is the it not only the officer. >> and husband band and father. >> he have leaves behind his wife who he met in college. >> he has four children. everybody we talked to loves his family. and his faithle and he dreamed of becoming a police officer which he did become seven years ago when he joined the california highway patrol. >> certainly, everyone we
8:51 am
talked to today, they talked about how difficult today would be and how kenyon youngstrom was a good guy and dedicated to serving the public. dedicated to the community and died doing what he loved doing. >> then you heard over and over. and said. it could be me. we put our lives on the line and something can change so quickly. we have seen law enforcement agencies from across the country and saw west virginia. take you over here. there is another line of officers coming down from various agencies. they have filled the parking lot and they are out on the street. they are parking their police cars in the street. and taking up two lanes. there is nowhere to put all the vehicles and they have come here. they expected to be standing room only. they knew there might not be
8:52 am
enough space for everyone who would want to come today. the public is invited today for the final farewell and starts at 10. and goes to 11:30. governor is going to be here and his pastor. >> all right. claudine. the coverage of the funeral will begin at 10:00 a.m. we will stream it to you live on the website. also ons mobile and tablet apps. >> new information in the chicago public teacher strike. in just the past hour. both sides announced recent talks are making substantial progress. there is a possibly that classes in chicago could resume as soon as tomorrow. they kept 350 students at home. sticking point it is range from salary increases to teacher performance evaluations based on student test scores. >> time now is 8:52. human early morning fire
8:53 am
damaged a menlo park school. >> we have the very latest. done! fashion direct from des. savings direct to you. t.j.maxx.
8:54 am
8:55 am
. time now 8:55. another man has died from complications of the west nile virus. howard stols of the county died saturday after being treated for 10 days. four other california yaps have died from west nile this year.
8:56 am
they include a 88-year-old woman. a woman in merced county and two other men. out of menlo park firefighters are investigating the cause after early morning fire at a school. >> lorraine blanco is live with reaction from students. lorraine. >> one student told me she department realize how much she loved the school until this morning. there is a sign explaining to students and parents that classes are canceled until monday. >> you can see a layer of smoke still hovering over. and in the administration building object terminal avenue. >> it described the offices and the third grade classroom. >> it is a difficult battle because of the light weight material. >> they attend as a nonprofit for the family foundation. >> it is a very small tight
8:57 am
knit group. >> they grow, it is an emotional morning forebeachwood. >> when my mom woke me up. i thought it was a prank and when she turned on the t; and showed the school on fire, i-feel very good. >> this is parents and churn checking out the damage. they have been asking the principal if they can help in any way. and in the next few days they would be happy to get donations of sun mys and money. >> fire investigators tells they are trying it to determine the cause. they do not suspect foul play. >> ktvu, channel 2 news. >> there is just been a fatal accident. where did it happen, sal. >> san joaquin county. this is from the chopper. this crash involving a big rig and delivery truck closed highway 12 in sacramento county.
8:58 am
avoid the area getting to the brunch nearby. >> give yourself extra time to do this. >> eastbound and westbound between i five and 160 is closed and had be closed until early this afternoon. because of the fatal crash. >> go back to the desk. >> that is our report for this morning, we thank you for trusting ever channel 2 news. we will see you next time. >> be sure to join us at noon for more on today's funeral. we are always here for you at thanks again.
8:59 am

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